The Handelsbeurs in Antwerp is the living evidence that Antwerp always had an international reputation. Ever since the fifteenth century, the city had a famous reputation for its flourishing trade. Antwerp was and is more than just a city. 

No better place to organise Cyber Conference than at Handelsbeurs Antwerp, a location that describes itself as one with great history and grand future. You will be able to discover every little corner of this historical event venue, that used to be a stock exchange, by attending Cyber Conference. 

Fiera Restaurant

Fiera stands for ‘the better fair’, which is exactly the message we want to convey with this event. This is not a traditional tech fair, but one where building connections will be the main focus.  

This venue has always been a place where people came together. That is why we focus on meeting smaller and more exclusive gatherings to connect in a different, better way.  

Fiera is the scene to meet your guests and network.